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KirEnergy is a multi-regional, turn-key lighting services company headquartered in Austin, TX. Our expertise is in energy-efficient lighting and LED technology. We work with utility companies throughout the U.S. to secure rebates and incentives to offset the costs of energy-efficient lighting upgrades. Our core clients are in the manufacturing and commercial industries.  



Solutions Streamlined

We help clients streamline operational costs by reducing kW and kWh though energy-efficient lighting retrofits. Our approach is turn-key and our measures are proven to reduce monthly utility bills with nominal capital outlay and potential for immediate positive cash flow.

How we achieve it

We begin with a no-cost Professional Audit. Our experienced Energy Consultants will prepare a detailed, room-by-room assessment denoting: hours of operation, facility square footage, exact location and quantity of existing measures, annual hours of operation and electricity costs.

Each Audit is followed by a Comprehensive Proposal. Each proposal includes recommend measures, general scope of work to be performed, financial and environmental impact analysis of the project and applicable utility rebates available to you.

Securing Utility Rebates is our expertise. We work directly with the Utility and facilitate the process of securing incentives to help overcome your financial outlay of the project. Careful consideration is made to implement measures that will maximize your rebate, while reducing kWh and improving your overall lighting quality.  

We facilitate the Professional Installation of your lights by coordinating the crews, supplying the materials and advocating your interests to the Utility from preliminary inspections on through to project completion.  



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